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Nobel Peace Prize winner and Bangladeshi founder of the Grameen Bank Muhammed Yunus with regard to the actual global financial crisis (October 2008) states:

“Today’s trend to concentrate solely on gaining and increasing maximum profit has led to the present situation. To earn as much money as possible should serve a beneficial purpose and not be the ultimate goal. Money must be spent sensibly – and I suggest using it for the betterment of quality-of-life for all mankind.
If we had more socially-oriented firms, more people would have the means to manage their lives. Today’s markets would reap the benefit┬áby being more balanced”.

Living in a global village, everybody is connected to somebody at most by six people through a chain of people knowing each other.
Any undeserved profit that I extract from others will be detrimental to me through a chain of losses.
If I only think of myself, I risk damage to myself; if I look out for myself and my fellow man an overall improvement will occur.

Fair Deal was U.S. President Harry S. Truman’s catchphrase for a series of social and economic reforms, outlined in his 1949 State of the Union Address to Congress on January 5, 1949. Truman stated that “Every segment of our population, and every individual, has a right to expect from his government a fair deal.” (from Wikipedia)

Speaking in market terms: Expecting a fair deal is the basic wish of everybody. As the crisis shows, this criteria is not met. Supporting this fundamental assumption to guarantees and security is also not feasible. The question is, whether a public adherence to a fair-deal-codex could help everybody.

This blog is created for like-minded people to exchange ideas and come up with suggestions to improve the situation, thus furthering mutual confidence. Any assistance is most welcome.

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October 20, 2008 at 10:04 am

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